It’s Time To Reflect on 2015 Re-invent in 2016

December 6, 2015 Written by KimiRhochelle Porter - No Comments



If you have not done so, it is crucial that you do!

1. Reflect on 2015- I actually begin towards the end of Summer!
-updates or revisions of all sites
-services to update, take out, add to
-goals for projects, revenue
-types of projects to take, to pass
-what I want for my family
-what I want for me

2. Begin Reconstruction- All of December!
-this is normally a slow down time, a reflection time, a renewal of commitments time; so this is always a great time to take various days to just work on me… my firm
-I always have a launching of something… “Get ready for our new website!” “Just added..” new services this or that.. of course the first week in January is the reveal

3. Clean out the closets, the file cabinets—yep throw some things out or give some things away!
-how can you make room for the new when you are hording the old … the past
-its tax season .. right around the corner.. at least put all of 2015 in a separate area and create new 2016 files

4. Spend time with self, family and friends
-the holidays are awesome at this time; a great opportunity to spend QUALITY TIME with your family…no work… totally family time…and great to renew commitments and family goals for 2016
-for those of us that don’t hang out with our wonderful friends, this is a great time to just have some fun.. even if its just for one day!
-we must… repeat… we must do a self yoga mindset check… meaning… we have to think about US and from the inside out…go for a walk to begin that healthy start program, jumpstart the 2016 resolution; sit and do absolutely nothing and just listen to your mind…
-eat whatever you want… yep… it’s the holidays… enjoy your food… you have ALL OF 2016.. (except for next Nov/Dec) to mindset starvation… lol

Well, this is a great start! I guarantee, if you do just these things, you will not only feel great about yourself, you will be ahead of the game!


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