Introducing Amazon Best Seller “Why Married Men Cheat” Author Danielle Metcalf “Ms. Hitch”

December 3, 2016 Written by KimiRhochelle Porter - 1 Comment

Danielle Metcalf Ms Hitch

The most anticipated book of summer “Why Married Men Cheat” revealed real life stories and therapeutic testimony from actual men who are married or have been married and have cheated on their wives has become Amazon’s Best Seller. It is no surprise! This riveting book offers the million dollar answers to the questions women have asked for years.

Danielle Metcalf Ms Hitch

Danielle Metcalf, also known as “Ms. Hitch” the Mental, Toughness Love Coach is the rising new author that just does not talk off the cuff. Danielle holds a master’s degree in psychology and is known to many as the “Relationship Game Changer”! She is regarded as the top expert in changing relationships in the lives of married couples, as well as singles. And it is her personal experiences that led her to write an inspiring book that has raised eyebrows of men and women all around the world.

Danielle Metcalf Ms Hitch

Prior to studying psychology, Ms. Hitch obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing and is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. She is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Her diverse professional background lends itself to having encountered many experiences and has dedicated her life to her purpose and passion through writings, discussions and one on one consulting.

“Why Married Men Cheat” is not a man bashing book! It is real insights that forces men and women to seek within themselves to see their truths. Having lived through it herself, Ms. Hitch’s ex-husband opens up with his passionate testimony of why he stepped outside the marriage. In addition, comedian AJ Johnson reveals his witty yet emotional encounter on his own infidelity while other chapters take you up and down various emotions.

The success of the book is just one area Ms. Hitch has prevailed. As a The Mental, Toughness Love Coach, she provides one on one consultation to married couples, individuals for self-help, singles seeking mates, corporate companies for mental toughness training and to celebrities for mental strength enduring auditions. Ms. Hitch has successfully guided paths to life changing resolve to all that have worked the processes implemented for them.

According to Ms. Hitch,

“Mental Toughness is the control and manipulation of emotions, directed at any desired outcome from a navy seal surviving in a war zone to a person in a relationship or sales position. Mental Toughness makes the difference between winning and losing. Mental toughness is happiness. Mental Toughness is critical thinking questions designed to make you think, and ask how your thoughts are impacting you on a daily basics!”

NOW, Ms. Hitch is taking her message on the road. Scheduling of book tours and public speaking engagements are being set up. In addition, there are talks of TV appearances, her own show not titled yet and a new romantic line “For Him” launching in 2017.

Please visit Ms Hitch’s new website for dates of events, services she offers, to purchase “Why Married Men Cheat”

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